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Are you the owner of a good, profitable business but are struggling to find a way to leave? 


Do you want to achieve the best possible value, and especially in these trying times?

If so, we’d like to talk and help you to find a way for you to exit your company. Vitae Capital Ltd is an investment vehicle that is privately owned, and our team has the necessary expertise, with adequate financing and capital in place to close quickly on the perfect opportunity.

Are you:

  • Simply worn out due to the everyday stresses and strains associated with running a private company?

  • Past your retirement date, but unable to find a way to hand things over?

  • Faced with a sudden or life-changing event, an illness or a bereavement and in urgent need of a sale?


Or are you:

  • The owner of a business that is underperforming or not reached its full potential?

  • Short of the necessary knowledge or skills needed to push the business forward?

  • Unable to find adequate funding?

  • Worried about your structure, management or organisation?


Rest assured that the team at Vitae Capital Ltd is poised to help. We have a network of growth and business improvement experts, with successful track records - and are waiting for your call.


Tel: 0333 242 3851

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