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When you deal with us, you’re talking to the principals and not brokers. We’re only interested in striking a deal with business owners just like you. We’re also looking to do this as efficiently as possible, as our team members are ready to assess and then make an offer within days of initial contact. There’s no reason why we cannot close the right deal within a matter of weeks.

Of course, we understand that this business may well represent your life’s journey and the most significant asset that you own. We will look at each potential acquisition on its own merits and listen carefully to what you want as part of your exit. We want to ensure that you are happy with any plan before we move ahead.

Further, we know that staff retention, legacy and reputation may be crucially important as well. We will make sure that those matters are front and centre during our chat.

Finance Options

We have a variety of different finance options. We can talk to a range of commercial investors, private equity funds, independent banks and high net worth individuals. In short, we can craft the perfect financing deal through a win/win strategy, and allow you to exit your private company.

10 Reasons Why You Should Sell to Us

  1. Valuations will be fair, open and honest.

  2. There will never be any valuation fees.

  3. We will tailor-make a solution around a timeframe to suit you.

  4. We can give you an offer within days.

  5. We can potentially complete within weeks subject to the exchange of information.

  6. You can avoid the uncertainty, hassle, stress or additional time associated with selling through brokers or agents.

  7. We will draft a legally binding contract with written assurances that are built-in for your specific protection.

  8. We treat all information confidentially.

  9. We will explain all our offers transparently and clearly and put them forward for your consideration for 30 days.

  10. Remember, there will be no hidden costs involved here.

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